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I'm pleased to present the Indiana Jones movie prop collection. Next you will be able to see some replicas from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and the Last Crusade. My dedication in this field provides joy, goods and service to many Indy fans.  

Good source indicates the new movie Indy 4, will be released July 4th 2005, please check up for updates and more adventures. 

Thanks for viewing my site!                                      

From film to reality.


Contact name: Elsa Ebert  (Delgado)

e-mail address:

Experience: 6 years as a prop maker, art and entertaintment is a good combination for a hobby.  Thanks to my helpers Hugo and Renee.

Comming soon: Sankara Stones, Henry's Grail diary, Elsa's lighter,and Grail Knight sword prop.

All replicas are made from safe and good quality products.


Any comment, suggestion, are welcome.

Any questions regarding my prop collection please contact me.